First Black female psychologist

12.01.2016 - by Monique

So somehow a conversation I had today at work led me to go home and search for the first black psychologist. Yes, in America its kind of a big deal to know who the first black anything was since it wasn’t allowed to be a norm. Anyhow I couldn’t help but bypass the first and go straight to this woman staring at me with eyes that look unknowing but a face that may have had a smirk, almost reading yes, I did that! Haha! Ok maybe I’m reading into it too much but Inez Beverly Prosser was the first Black woman to hold a PhD is psychology. What was fascinating to me is her course to achieve this. She actually started out in education. This gets me excited because I pretty sure that will be my next step, that is after I finish my doctoral degree in Nursing.  I am looking forward to searching in the archives for her dissertation.  Here are some facts about her, feel free to google her!

Born in Texas 1895

Received teaching certificate after high school

Taught in segregated school systems

Received Bachelors in Education and Masters in educational psychology in 1924

Graduated with PhD in educational psychology in 1933 from University of Cincinnati

Dissertation: Non-academic development of negro children in mixed and segregated schools,

Her work was influential  in the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision

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